We are a full-service construction company. Whether you need a door handle replaced or a two-million-dollar addition to your home, this is your first stop. I have been in the construction industry since I was a kid. My father ran a construction company since before I was born and I've paid attention ever since.

When I was growing up I was more a scholar than a shop student. My grades were always great except maybe in shop class. The older I got and more experience I received from my father's company the more I realized something. That first there is a lot of money to be made in construction. Second, that a lot of these workers and companies had a lot of internal problems. Alcoholism, drug abuse and the very common "I don't give a s@#~" attitude. Through highschool I worked for my father and various other companies in construction. These jobs were only meant for me to be able to pay for college not a career. During this time I attained a journeyman carpenter status through the statewide carpenter's board. Then master carpenter status in 2004. Then one day it struck me while I was stressing out in my physics class. What if there was a company out there that's mission was to make quality and expectations first and profit second? What if there was a company that did the job til the customers were 100% satisfied? A company that could be called for any emergency or project in the construction field and handle it with precision, timelyness, and utmost craftmanship. That could be a strong company. Well today there is a company like that and it's name is callmikeg.com.

When we show up to your project and any problems arise you callmikeg.com. When you think you are being ripped off or a company is overpricing you then you call mike g. No more worrying about how your project is going to get done, all you need to do is call mike g. Even if you don't want me to do the job, for a small fee I will tell you where the price range should be. So when you are hunting for a contractor you know where his price should be. I can act as a simple consultant or even a designer for your job. This company is built on relationships made from previous experience and on-the-job knowledge. Either of which cannot be bought or paid for by the homeowner. They will have to rely on someone else's experience or knowledge anyway. So why not rely on someone with a name and better yet a reputation? My referrals come from all walks of life. From small time auto dealerships to individuals who earn over 100 million dollars. Now the only thing left to do is send me an e-mail or call me and let's look at your project or call me to find out who the heck is Mike G.